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As a student, the decisions that you make about your education are one of the most important ones that you will ever make.Your career Choice, the substantial financial and time Investment, the Quality of the Education you obtain, and Recognition of your hard earned Degree or Diploma, all have a direct impact on your Future.We at Cansure Immigration & Educational Consultants Private Limited are here to Assist and Guide you in this important decision making process.

Why to Choose Cansure Immigration & Educational Consultants Private Limited as your Immigration & EducationalConsultant?

We are specialized Consultants for Canada ONLY. The Consultant is a Canadian Permanent Resident, living in Canada for the past eight years. The consultant himself studied in Canada and fully understand Canadian Education System and Canadian Job Market. A Consultant's job is to give you proper advice not just Market a Product. If you have not lived in Canada for several years, how can you possibly give advice about it?The Consultant is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Member of ICCRC. He is an Authorized Representative and permitted by Canadian Government to provide advice about immigration to Canada as well as complete and submit Study Permit (student visa) applications on your behalf to The Canadian High Commission (CHC), the Consulate General of Canada. We apply for your visa not you.

The Consultant personallymeet or speak to every student and his/her parent to address their concerns as well as for us to ensure that you are aware of the financial requirements and commitments. All advice about Canada, about immigration laws and course and program selection is given by The Consultant himself and not his staff. It is also the law. We are a full service company. From your initial course selection in India to your needs in Canada, we provide services that you need.

In India - Career planning - Course selection - Student visa applications - Advice on the importance of integration into Canadian society.

In Canada - your initial settlement needs and airport pick up - Post Graduate Work permit application and job search assistance AND if you choose to settle in Canada post graduation: -Your PR application under the various categories that you may be eligible for We select programs and institutions those are best for you. Unlike the vast majority of consultants, agents and sub agents those only suggest institutions that pay commissions or have tie ups with; we recommend institutions and programs that we believe are the most beneficial for your future, that you may be qualified for.